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Germán  del  Solar Becker
Outstanding chilean painter. Impressionist. Landscapes - mix media.
Galeria de Arte Marpau - information - español

Born in 1947 in Osorno, Chile.

He begun his art studies in Santiago, Chile,
with two oustanding Art Professors

In 1983 he obtains a scholardship forthe Academy of Fine
Arts of Venecie, where he attends two semesters of painting.
He retuns to Chile where he stays for a time. He returns back
to Europe, specially Germany, where he remains for a year.
He exhibits in Germany in the Bochert Gallery, in the city of
Manheim, and in the Gallery Franz Müller (Lugwishafen).
He also travels throughout Italy and presents his works
in two International Contest where he obtains
a Second Prize and an Adquisition Prize.

Back in Chile he exhibits in Carrera Hotel,
Sheraton San Cristobal Hotel, Art Institute of Talca,
and British Institute of Culture of Viña del Mar.
Also in the Grozzo Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina
and Casian Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela.
In 1997 he participates, all together with a group of Latin American
painters in a Plastic Art Proyect about the city of New York,
named "How I dream New York", with an exhibition at the Halls of
the New York Hilton Tower Hotel in Manhatann.
At the present time he teaches painting at his Art Studio.

Permanent exhibitor at:
Atica Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay
Bochert Gallery, Manheim, Germany
MARPAU Art Gallery , Viña del Mar, CHILE.

Some of his last Exhibitions:
2007: Eventos Culturales. Colegio San Ignacio, El Bosque, Santiago.
Mayo 2008: Exposición Galería Arte Mundo, Santiago.
Julio 2008: Exposicion Sala de Arte, Mall La Dehesa, Santiago.



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