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Manuel  Gómez  Hassan
Galeria de Arte Marpau  - information -  Manuel Gomez Hassan espaņol

Born in Santiago , Chile, October,16th, 1924.

He studied Art at the Fine Art School of the University of Chile.
Some of his Art Teachers were Gregorio de la Fuente and Gustavo Carrasco.

During some years he works intensely the mural technique.
He was inspired by The Mexican Movement that believes that
art should be bound to the human drama,
being centered therefore, in the representation of the human figure.

The artist utilizes a palette of ochres and grays colors,
since where emerges the power of light and warm contrasts
His landscapes and human figures present a great force in the drawing
and an elegant and heautiful geometrical configuration.
These characteristics approach him to the expressionism and
to the chilean movement known as "Generation of the Forties"

1955 Honour Prize, Art Hall, Rancagua, Chile.
1960 Gold Medal,Art Contest Embajada de Ecuador en Chile.
1968 First Prize, Winter Art Hall, Valparaiso, Chile.
1980 First Prize, Spring Art Hall, Ņuņoa, Santiago, Chile.
1993 ENTEL Prize, Santiago, Chile.
1996 Honour Mention, Watercolor Latinamerican Hall, Chile.
1996 First Prize, Composition, International Hall
Du Val D´or, Francia.
1997 First Prize, International Hall
ACEA, Barcelona, Espaņa.
1999 Prize to the Best Foreign Artist, International Hall,
Saint Amand, Francia.
2002 Diploma Prize,Art Hall Brindisi, Bologna, Italia.
2006 First Prize, Art Critics, Valparaíso, Chile.

Gomez Hassan counts with many exhibitions in the best
Hall of Arts and Musseums of Chile.
He also has exhibits in many differents countries. Some of them are:

1970 Fine Art National Museum México.
1970 Hotel Mes&on del Angel, Puebla, México.
1970 University of Morelos, Cuernavaca, México.
1980, Latinoamerika Art Gallery, Berlín, Alemania.
1984 Hall of Art La Batea, Berlín, Alemania.
1984 Hall of Art L´Espace du triangle, París, Francia.
1985 Hall of Art,Orly Sud, París, Francia.

At the present time,in Santiago, Chile,
he shares his artistic knowledge and wisdom
with a great number of art student.



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